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Count on IT. What’s your bet for 2019?

July 5, 2019

In a world that revolves around technology and changes with the speed of light, the IT industry is one of the main players that has the power to shape our…

The science of happiness: HR

July 3, 2019

Romania is well-known as a country that has a DNA for IT. Romania has invested in its IT infrastructure over the past years, and therefore the IT market grew accordingly.…

Think ahead. Ideas are no one’s monopoly.

May 6, 2019

Probably one of the most important things in IT&C is to always stay up to date with technologies, new developments, and to develop new skills. We all know the struggle…

Take a breath

Free thinkers welcome

OK, what else? Why work here?


Billions of people use our software daily

We work with huge telecom companies, build software for avionic systems or connect medical equipment and we`re always doing fresh stuff.

Here`s our serious website.


Rule No.1 about Enea is

We`re a company for creative, smart developers, who respects passion for code. That`s it. That`s the rule.

There`s no „Big Brother” here.


Yeah, we pay well

That goes without saying. Otherwise, we wouldn`t bother making this website. Money is not a problem. Finding what you love is.

If you love code, you`re home.


This is not a factory

We like to build robots but we`re not robots here. In fact, we pride in being free humans first, code lovers second. That includes joking, laughing.

Being the way you are, without anyone judging.


Open brains

This is an agile-built company, where versatile brains, always hungry for more, truly thrive. It`s an environment where you innovate.

New stuff everyday keeps boredom away.

Find your place with us

Big achievers

We thrive on innovation but what really fuels us is seeing how our daily work facilitates access to health, communications or transportation. Check out our work here or enjoy the short version below.


Leading global telecom operators trust us to build software platforms with extreme demands on high-availability and performance, accessed by billions of people daily.


We work with the top worldwide avionics manufacturers to build their systems and make their airplanes fly.


Bringing safety and agility together, we help our clients develop tomorrow’s industry-leading financial solutions.


Doctors trust our systems to save lives around the world each day. We have huge experience in this field.


We`re makers and tinkerers here at ENEA. Clients dream it, we make it. From development to market research and deployment.

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We run on freedom, away from boredom

A moment of genius can spring out of anything, anywhere. So we make sure we stay free, happy and fit. Even for the most passionate, there`s much more to life and to Enea than writing code.

We have a big place where you can enjoy breaks and have fun so you better sharpen your Fusball, Darts or Pool skills. We have some pretty heavy weight champions at Enea.

Pool Paladins awaited

Fussball Fanatics already here

Darts Dukes train hard

TV for news and gaming

We provide free professional back massage within our building. When your back gets better, we`ll be ready to go karting. If not, we`re surely cooking a new party or a team building.


Massage on the house

Crazy about karting

Awesome team buildings

We value our wellness and try to stay healthy. So we offer fresh fruits, bottled water (doctor recommended!) coffee and tea for every employee everyday. We also have an awesome fresh food cafeteria nearby our offices.

Fresh Fruit everyday

Clean healthy water

Coffee & Tea for everybody

Delicious food Cafeteria

Eating healthy isn`t enough. We like to stay fit too so we constantly participate in football and volleyball championships and enter marathons. We pride in a hefty collection of medals and cups, by the way.

Football Lovers

Volleyball Players

Marathon Champions

We treasure talent and hard work when we see it. We reward the efforts of our best engineers with annual and monthly nominations and awards.

Talent gets rewarded

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