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We're not saying it's gonna be easy.
But we promise it's not gonna be boring.

We pride in providing new challenges all the time for our creative, rebellious engineers. This is the kind of place where we want to change the world with the right lines of code. Insane passion, curiosity and thirst for breaking barriers and rules feel like home here at Enea.

Would you feel like home?

Happy Enea office: leçons de français


Leçon no. 1

Here we are live from La Basilique du Sacré-Coeur, which looks out over our Paris office. Let’s go and meet Enea’s big Parisian family!

The Paris office houses two divisions: The Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Business Unit and the Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Business Unit. Supporting these business units, there are 7 departments: Finance & Administration, Sales and Marketing, IT, Customer Operations, Research & Development, Product Management and Innovation.

If you ask around the office, you will quickly realize that the core strengths of our French colleagues are technical expertise, dedication to work and the strong bond between employees. To cut a long story short, the Parisian team stands for fun and friendship. Let’s see what they have to say!

Leçon no. 2
Des Croissants et des aventures!

In the Paris office, friendship is built on sharing croissants and coffee. Our culture has been influenced by some of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and it is continuously fueled by the Parisian art-de-vivre. Our weeks begin on Monday and they end on Croissant-day (known as Friday to the rest of the world). Every Friday, one of us stops off at a bakery on our way to work and buys fresh croissants for everyone in the office. It’s our favorite day of the week!

And that’s not all! We also have a terrace where we organize barbecues in the summer, looking out over the Paris rooftops as the sun sets on the Sacré Coeur. Our cooking skills are almost as exceptional as our coding skills 😉. Our taste buds are never limited with Enea, as the social committee organizes weekend trips all over Europe. We have already tasted amazing foods in London, Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Prague, but, for us, nothing compares to French cuisine.

As you can see, we love getting together!  Christmas parties for employees and our families are a tradition. Both BUs organize meetings twice a year with an outing for all the employees. These have included cooking classes, skiing trips, a treasure hunt on bikes and games on the beach. The rest of the time, we hold celebrations whenever there is an opportunity: a new contract, some good news, the arrival of a new colleague…  There are lots of celebrations!

We also love adventure. At the beginning of this year one of our colleagues, who previously worked as a cameraman for the French women’s acrobatic parachute team, proposed that we try something new. He took us to a center near Paris where we simulated free fall in a wind tunnel – what an adrenaline rush! Those still hungry for excitement also competed in a go kart racing competition.

Leçon no. 3
Des amis!

In France, hard work and business success are important, but it is also essential to find time for more relaxing activities, such as coffee and a chat in the office cafeteria, a game of table football, the weekly sports session, lunch at a restaurant or a drink after work at the local café. There’s a great team atmosphere here and an open approach. We are very lucky to have a diverse and multicultural environment, with colleagues who come from all over the world and who work with colleagues based in our offices across the globe.

Our adventurous nature means that we love games and competitions. The more active among us take part in “Mud Days” and “Viking” running races and in indoor football championships. For everyone else there are in-house competitions. The latest was “Guess the Baby in the Photo”, where everyone brought baby photos of themselves and we had to guess who’s who. Even as babies, you could see the sparkle in our eyes that clearly predicted a coding future 😉.

Leçon no. 4

To give you a more personal account of life in the Paris office, some of our colleagues have shared their experience. Romain, Technical Account Manager, says he began his career with Qosmos in 2009 as a Test & Validation Engineer for Qosmos ixEngine, then Qosmos DeepFlow, before being promoted to Team Leader.

Romain, Technical Account Manager, Enea, Paris, France
Romain, Technical Account Manager

I then decided to join the Customer Support & Services team, where I worked for 2 years, enjoying frequent visits to customer sites in the US, Asia and Europe. I now work in Asia, in the DPI BU’s Singapore office. I like to explore new jobs, acquire new skills, and engage in rich social interactions. Thanks to supportive managers, a caring HR team and amazing colleagues, I was given the chance to change jobs 3 times in 5 years while meeting countless interesting people – this without changing company!

Tuyen, CSS Expert Engineer, Paris, France
Tuyen, CSS Expert Engineer

Tuyen, CSS Expert Engineer started with Qosmos in 2012 as Customer Support & Services Engineer. A year later he joined the protocol team as Research & Development Engineer, he then became Program & Release Manager before moving to the role of CSS Expert Engineer. He appreciates that “Qosmos gave me the opportunity to explore new technical domains and acquire managerial skills. I feel in the right place in the Research & Development team and I believe I am contributing to creating value for the company.

Vincent, Regional Team Leader - Sales Engineer, Paris, France
Vincent, Regional Team Leader – Sales Engineer

As for Vincent, Regional Team Leader and Sales Engineer, he started with Qosmos in 2007 as an R&D Engineer for Qosmos ixEngine. He stated that “after 4 years in the R&D team, I was offered a position as Customer Support & Services Engineer. In this role, I was in France and then in the US to serve our growing local customer base where I became Regional Team Leader and Sales Engineer. I’ve been part of the Qosmos adventure for over 10 years and it feels like home now when I come to the office. The company is constantly growing and the technology moving forward, opening up exciting internal and international career opportunities for all current and future employees.

For plus de leçons, join us! 😊

From Paris … 0loves1.

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