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How to do business, by Bogdan Putinica


Timisoara, the European Capital of Culture in 2021, one of the biggest cities in Romania, a city known for its great architecture and history, hosted Timisoara Business Days, on the 24 October 2018.

Our colleague Bogdan Putinica, Senior Group Vice-president of Enea, was one of the speakers at Timișoara Business Days, where he shared his perspective and practical knowledge regarding innovation in IT and entrepreneurship. If you didn’t manage to get there, we can give you a sneak peek from the conference.

Bogdan tackled many subjects, but some of them are presented below.

Romanians are special

6% of Romania’s GDP is the result of a small group of IT people. More exactly, around 185.000 people work in IT&C and they generate more revenue than 1.8 million people working in agriculture in Romania (5% of the Romanian’s GDP is from agriculture). He drew attention to the fact that Romania should be more aware of the fields in which it should invest to obtain better results and reminded us that, according to the European Innovation Scoreboard, Romania ranks last among EU member states when it comes to performance in innovation.

… Romanians are special because they have a rare ability/prowess for problem-solving, and through this competence they achieve innovation, Bogdan says.

Blue Ocean Zone

If you want to be relevant for a longer period, you need to find the right field of activity. You should find a niche where there are few businesses developed and where you can offer something unique, or where your products can stand out of the crowd.

The right way to do it, as Bogdan confesses, is by finding your own “Blue Ocean”. That means to find the right place where your value is at its highest, where you can bring innovation. But this also means that you must continuously learn and adapt.

Lessons for future Entrepreneurs

To be a good entrepreneur you must follow a few key steps, such as to be agile and think fast, choose wisely when you’re doing the HR management for your company and always hire nobody but the right people for the right job.

All these are coming from Bogdan’s experience. He learned a lot from it, as well as from his own mistakes, and today he is the successful VP we know and cherish.

For those of you who want to listen to his speech, you can find it here, starting with minute 31.

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