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Innovation and IT in Romania, whereto?


Bogdan Putinica, Senior Group Vicepresident ENEA was invited as a speaker at Cluj Business Days held on the 4-5th of July. The main goal of the conference is to gather every year great entrepreneurs and managers to talk about future and opportunities in business. Bogdan was speaker in two sessions in the first day of the conference.

In the first session “Future. Challenge or opportunity?”, Bogdan tackled innovation in the context of the most recent European Commission report, European Innovation Scoreboard explaining the importance of encouraging innovation in Romania and at the same time the IT&C industry.

Since he is a well-known entrepreneur in the IT&C industry, for the workshop session “Market. Clients. Competition” –  he shared his early experience as an entrepreneur together with business and life lessons learned while developing his IT business. We were curious about the conference, therefore Bogdan answered to a few questions:

Why did you talk about innovation at the CBD?

I believe innovation is a key driver for a better and evolved society. According to the European Innovation Scoreboard, Romania was classified as modest innovator, being on the last place in the EU on innovation. In this context, I believe it’s important to raise awareness and send a message regarding opportunities we must further in our society.

In your opinion which are the main issues that ranks Romania as modest innovator according to the last EC report?

At the present the IT&C industry makes around 6% of the GDP and has around 185.000 employees while the agriculture industry makes 5% of the GDP with an approximation of 1.8 million employees. This shows by comparison that in the IT industry an employee is more productive than an employee in the agriculture industry.

Main issues are related to the low digitization, bureaucracy, the incoherence of legislation, especially in the economic domain; There is also the lack of strategic thinking, the cleavage between learning and the lack of practice during university; besides, Romania has no clear direction in innovation and does not promote the IT&C through different policy incentives.

What can we do to facilitate innovation in Romania?

By 2025 IT will become 10% of the GDP, if we consider the fast increase IT industry had in the last couple of years. The main solutions to encourage innovation in Romania and with it the IT&C industry, should be a shift from a “Robin Hood” approach to a more encouraging and incentive policy, more predictable policies, better investment in education and focus on more practice. There is a constant need for IT experts and we should invest more in retention, in smoothing the talent war. We should focus on investments in informatic solutions with a more added value to the detriment of implementation or outsourcing. We have great talents in Romania and investing in IT&C has a positive impact on the economic growth.

For those of you interested in who were the main speakers, you can visit Cluj Business Days official page.

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