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Political uppercut


The information below is fragments of the statements of our colleagues from Enea in the public space (official statements, interviews, conferences and public debates, TV or radio shows, etc.). These statements are not always and / or totally assumed by our company, may represent personal opinions.

In 2017, we received so many “uppercuts on the ribs”¬†from the political area that you sometimes stay on your mind. It’s ruining the best things we have – an industry like this (IT&C industry), which keeps the talents in Romania, which produces huge sums of money for the country, should not be hit! Obviously, we all pay money here in Romania, and we expect this money to go for the good of the country, not for social assistance programs …

I am a little bored and tired of these multiple uppercuts that we are still receiving.

We are not in their electoral basin, but that does not mean that good things have to be broken. Do not kill the chicken who makes the golden egg, as Americans are saying!

So far, it has been only a draft of the Labor Ministry that proposed to reduce the pension contribution to compensate for the losses resulting from the “tax revolution”, which “is in itself an idiot, because no one will reduce its pension upcoming to earn more money today!

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