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The “fiscal revolution” swelled by 7% labor costs overnight


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Politicians should think about how to help us be competitive and sustainable both tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, because there are a lot of countries that do more than ours to attract investors like Oracle, Google, Microsoft and and so on. Investors come; they all look for optimizations as soon as possible, yesterday if possible. But if there is a + 7% cost for calculating where there is no more money for us, the investor says, “OK, guys, thank you and move around because the predictability is higher”.

Then, we grew up from a firefighting cost of labor by almost 7% overnight. We had a very pleasant experience in collegial colleges because we realized we were all positioned on the same side of the barricade. People were very constructive in these forced talks, imposed by political ordinance. It was a very constructive collaboration. Which means that for them it was a problem that had to be solved. So, the tax revolution not only did nothing good, it generated problems on both sides, both for employers and employers.

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