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We pride in providing new challenges all the time for our creative, rebellious engineers. This is the kind of place where we want to change the world with the right lines of code. Insane passion, curiosity and thirst for breaking barriers and rules feel like home here at Enea.

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A new university would help Romanian IT&C industry to grow


The information below is fragments of the statements of our colleagues from Enea in the public space (official statements, interviews, conferences and public debates, TV or radio shows, etc.). These statements are not always and/or totally assumed by our company, may represent personal opinions.

In our industry, the need for specialized resources in software engineering is constant. …

I know companies in Romania that have constant and long-term open positions.

… because we do not have the work force with which to deliver the projects requested by clients means that we are losing money as company but also as country.

A synchronized funding action to create a new software engineering university with the direct involvement of private companies would increase the available workforce and would implicitly contribute to the development of the IT&C industry in Romania.

Bogdan Putinica, VP of Enea interview for ZF Live
(starting from 27:40)

Read more here (ZF.ro)

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