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Count on IT. What’s your bet for 2019?


In a world that revolves around technology and changes with the speed of light, the IT industry is one of the main players that has the power to shape our future for the better. In Romania, programmers write code as easy as they breathe and as fast as the speed of the Internet (which, by the way, is ranked among the best in the world). So there is no wonder that this area is considered a safe bet when it comes to investments. Actually this was the message articulated by all of the speakers at „The Most Important Players in Economy 2019”conference organized by Ziarul Financiar, where one of the main guests was Bogdan Putinica, the SVP of Enea.

The IT industry has always recorded a massive growth in Romania and people look at it like the ultimate Nirvana. It’s all fun and games until the macroeconomic environment doesn’t fit you anymore, because what you see now is a constant evolution, but an individual one, a self-sustaining mechanism. And that is because the national climate doesn’t offer a consistent support, especially considering the lack of predictibility and legislation stability nowadays, said Bogdan Putinică.

Even more important, not just in IT but in any business, is the qualified human resource that has the ability to fullfil the „greater dream”. And we are talking about an area that can really accomodate thousands of specialists with one simple condition: make it worth the code.

Every month, IT companies have hundreds of open positions on the recruitment platforms. Some of them have hundreds, because in Romania companies find the quality but, unfortunately, not the quantity they need. As a result, they are paying closer attention to foreign workforce, said Bogdan Putinică:

We are evolving, and we will continue to grow predictably on a long term, but now the industry is facing some structural problems. For example, the human resource, which was the first card that Romanian IT played when we started to grow and become important on the international market (…), it is now almost over, if not completely finished, which is causing a big growth lag.

These days, Enea is considering a step that could count as a direct loss for Romania’s economy and IT ecosystem.  

We, as an international company, have the biggest engineering site in Romania, with over 300 coleagues, but we are seriously considering stepping outside Romania towards some other countries in our region. Actually, the best move would probably be Asia, where we can find the available human resource for growing, explained Bogdan Putinica

Reasons are multiple, and we might first think about the discrepancy between what the state does and what it should really do.

If nowadays IT represents 6.5% of the Romania’s GDP, I think that we have the real chance of making it 10%, but we cannot do it alone. Obviously, it is way easier to look towards the Government and the public institutions that don’t invest with us in the directions that could beautifully help Romania develop. IT and Auto are the two most important representatives in the national industry, but if we look at the educational system, universities do not provide enough specialists, and there is no articulate debate concerning this factor. It is a huge leap between the macro policies of the state and the industrial reality. In this context we can manage it, but we feel a pulled brake, which means that we could grow even more, said Bogdan Putinica.

Another factor is that many of us fear what is called „retraining”, the capacity to learn new things, to put our soul out there, press the keys and go with the flow. It is very important to know that not only those of 18 or 20 years olds are able to get a job in the IT industry, because determination has no age.

Even if this field might sound idyllic, through its power and its ability to massively influence a country’s evolution, there are several issues that are testing it along the way. One of them is funding. In this context, Bogdan Putinica emphasized that everyone could use a strong public-private partnership right now. In Romania, there are between 11.000 and 12.000 IT businesses, and the best of them will probably become part of some else’s company. Unless we can overcome these obstacles. And if you take a look at Enea, I think you would agree that we are on the right track.

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