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IT companies are forced to reduce their investments in the Research and Development sector


The information below is fragments of the statements of our colleagues from Enea in the public space (official statements, interviews, conferences and public debates, TV or radio shows, etc.). These statements are not always and / or totally assumed by our company, may represent personal opinions.

Due to the Romanian’s Government questionable decisions over the past couple of years, many industries have suffered changes, and the IT Sector is no exception. “The overall costs of the IT Industry have artificially grown with around 30-40% and companies are forced to stop their development” says Bogdan Putinică, SVP of ENEA Romania.

“I believe the whole change towards the IT Industry started in 2017, when the facilities that we had mixed together with the fiscal policies, had changed. At that time, I think percentages that go towards pension and pension regulation has also changed, taxes have been passed on from the company to the employer to pay and so on.”

The SVP of ENEA Romania has also pointed out the shy attempts at redressing the issues of the IT Industry were not enough and the new fiscal measures reduced their real impact.

„There have been some attempts to help the industry, like the one year subvention. But the fact still remains that in two and a half years the costs of the IT industry have artificially grown with around 30-40%. And when I say artificially, I don’t mean that the money goes to the employee, it goes to the Romanian state.”

Bogdan Putinică continued, stating that right now, Romania has only two profitable leading industries, that being the automobile industry and the IT Industry, both of which have an extremely high added value and in which, the majority of the profit comes from abroad.

The growth of the GDP contribution from 5,6% in 2015 to 10% until 2022 is the number one priority for the IT industry, as promised by the governing political party through government programs.

„In 2018 the IT Industry was generating 6.5% of the country’s GDP, with huge added value, huge taxes and the money coming from abroad. Companies would sell their solutions abroad and the money would come from there. It’s a fantastic opportunity that Romania is wasting, not us, but the government, the ruling party. The GDP contribution of the IT Industry could’ve easily been 10% instead of 6%.”

Putinică says that the IT sector accounts for 10% of the country’s GDP, because each employee earns between a five and six digit euro salary and with this type of money, Romania could improve their medical conditions and raise pensions.

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