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We're not saying it's gonna be easy.
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We pride in providing new challenges all the time for our creative, rebellious engineers. This is the kind of place where we want to change the world with the right lines of code. Insane passion, curiosity and thirst for breaking barriers and rules feel like home here at Enea.

Would you feel like home?

Meet Victoria Barrett

Meet Victoria Barrett… a.k.a. Cosmina


Have you ever asked yourself what would be your favorite word or phrase in any language you know? It would have to be those words that summarize everything that fascinates you about the people who speak that language? For Victoria Barrett, Vice-President for Professional Services at Enea, the favorite Romanian words are ”minte creață”. Any attempt at translating accurately these words in English would probably result on a viral list circulating the web.

Romanians are renowned worldwide for their creativity, great friendliness and welcoming spirit. It’s really impossible not to be enchanted. Even if your staying is short. But if you have the luck or the opportunity to live or work here for a longer period of time, you’ll never forget the experience. Never forget the people. And never forget… chocolate.

Yes. Chocolate. One of those little and guilty pleasures of life…

For Victoria Barrett, every visit to Romania equals – besides meeting with the Romanian Enea team – samples of good chocolate and a little Palinca (a traditional fruit brandy) to wash it down with. But just a little! Let’s not get too carried away, ok?

Also, every time we meet Victoria we can’t stop smiling remembering one of the funniest things in her professional life: sprinting through the airport with Bogdan Putinica to make a flight. Well, they may have missed a flight, but never a customer meeting.

Victoria has been working in Enea for eleven years, meeting with a lot of amazing people from both Romanian and American offices. One of the most interesting projects she was directly involved in was an infusion pump (a class 3 medical device certified by the US FDA). She had worked with the company for a decade providing US engineers.

That’s why when the opportunity arose, she integrated the Romanian team and watched them drive the project through verification and validation. Thus, a great combo was born.

American-Romanian teamwork and dedication to the customer and device success impressed her the most, feeling very proud at the same time. Both American and Romanian IT engineers have a strong work ethic, show commitment to customer success and have great problem-solving skills. The initially very doubtful customer ended quite satisfied with the American leadership and Romanian skills.

It’s not a secret that the word „skill” could define another Romanian’s strength, also famous worldwide: IT skills. Victoria thinks that Romanian software engineers have strong communication skills and willingness to ask questions to ensure they understand the task or the project.

No wonder, the excitement visiting the Romanian office and witnessing some of the debates that take place amongst the team.  Much like the Americans, Romanians are not timid about expressing their opinions.  As long as these ardent debates do not transform into a pro wrestling arena, they are seen as positive and quite entertaining at times.

In the last 15 years, Enea Romania has become an important provider of IT specialists for important companies. Given her worldwide and local experience, Victoria sees growth in projects needing safety and security expertise for the Romanian IT sector in the following decade.

At a global scale, the main challenges for the Software Engineering market, from the Enea’s Vice President for Professional Services point of view, are those related to budget pressure and quality engineering. In this challenging environment, Enea has the advantage of a strong local engineering expertise and cost effective offerings with combined US and RO engineering teams.

If you’ve read so far, you are probably wondering by now what’s with the title of this article. Why meet Cosmina? It’s the Romanian name Victoria Barrett would choose for herself because she is very proud of Romanian team efforts that led to successful projects. Not to mention that the name of one of the most dedicated Romanian engineers she knows is Cosmin.

And also because it sounds fancy.

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