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Nineties 😎 but goldies


In an interview for Business Magazin, Bogdan Putinică, SVP ENEA Romania, spoke about his debut in the IT industry and the impact his first job had on him.

Putinică discovered his passion for IT in the ‘90s, while studying at the Computer Science High School of Bucharest, the best High school in Bucharest at that time. His first job was an internship obtained during that period, which helped him a lot in shaping his career.

“Me and two classmates of mine were hired at one of the best IT companies in Romania at that time, Aris Electronics. There, I went through all the business roles available, from sales,
to computer production, to programming. It was a great opportunity for me to grow from a professional point of view.”

In the ‘90s, the IT sector had only started to grow into what it is today. The ENEA VP further reflects on how the IT industry has changed during the past decades and how modern hardware differs from the one from back in the day.

“We are a generation that started with really old computers, we went through all the stages of technology. At Aris, we were assigned a 486 SX 25 MHz computer, a PC that was something we would only dream of, unattainable with the money we had in those times.”

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