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The science of happiness: HR


Romania is well-known as a country that has a DNA for IT. Romania has invested in its IT infrastructure over the past years, and therefore the IT market grew accordingly. The Romanian IT industry is at its pick when it comes to innovation, so programmers, software developers and IT people are the most important resource for companies.

Florin Tataru, HR Director of ENEA Romania discussed with Adelina Mihai, Senior Editor of Ziarul Financiar about the world of human resources department in IT companies at ZF Live.

In this world, it is important as a company to invest in people. Currently, ENEA Romania has 300 employees and it is looking to expand the team during this year with approximatively 100 people more.

ENEA’s HR Guru, Florin learned from his previous experiences that besides a competitive salary, people working in IT are also looking for other types of advantages. There are three main categories (and yes, ENEA checks all of them):

1. Classic advantages

Most advantages that can be found in the workplace: a gaming room, or a resting room. But we can also count here a flexible work schedule, and events organized for employees and their kids. At ENEA you can always play some foosball with your colleagues and relax.

2. Innovation

For the IT people, it is important to work with the latest technologies and to work on important and innovative projects. ENEA is in Top 100 most innovative companies in Romania according to Business Magazine. We like to make a difference in the world, so we are currently working on very interesting projects. One of them is Cell Gazer, the software programmed to diagnose lung cancer.

3. Balance

It is important for everyone to have a balance between personal life and professional life. Being followed by work even after you get home it’s not an option when it comes to our employees.

As a HR, Florin meets different types of challenges, but he always finds the best solutions. Thank you for everything, Florin, we are happy you are part of the ENEA Romania team!

If these kinds of advantages are what you are looking for, we are waiting for you to take a Fika together. 😉

Don’t forget to watch the whole interview here.


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